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Research Papers

Articles on this page have been prepared by Terry Huey, MLS. We thank her for her dedication to the truth, and her tireless efforts to weed through all the fake news to ferret out factual information on a variety of topics. Feel free to copy any article, but do remember they are all copyright protected and may not be altered in any fashion. If quoted, excerpted, or used in its entirety, please include the following credit:

"Written by Terry Huey, MLS, for the Vernon County, Missouri Republican Committee". 

You may also refer people to this page by copying this address:

Mail in Voting

The PDF viewer can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking the  four arrows to the right of the Zoom info, or by clicking the >> symbol at the top right of the viewer, and choosing "Presentation Mode". Press the ESC key to return to this screen. 

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