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Initiative Petition (IP) Reform
(Actually, It's Ratification Reform)

Explained as A Fairy Tale definitely not for children....

There once was a Creature whose ambitions knew no limits. Her name was Merry Elsbeth Coldwoman (MEC). She looked human, but she was actually a Raging Rino, evil, powerful sorcerers from a planet called Never-Ever Land (third star to the right and crooked path 'till moaning). In Never-Ever Land, even more powerful hunchbacked goblins, called Lob-E-Yusts, controlled the Rinos, and so they never, ever passed good laws for the People, but they did have terrific parking spaces, which they valued above all else. MEC was a Pretty Important Tier A  Rino (a PITA), and because of this status, she and fellow PITA Rinos were sent to the Kingdom of Missouri on a far away planet known as Trumplandia, to create mischief in a Ward called The State Legislature. There they used Rino Rubles to purchase a Castle known as The Senate. This is the story of how Merry and her fellow Rinos tried to use their Evil Powers to hurt the People of Missouri, and the Fighting Champions (FC) who fought to save the People from these evil demons.

Our story opens when the People, having discovered the truth about the Raging Rinos, asked The Senate for a new law in the Kingdom, called SJR74....

If the People could get The Senate to help create this law, it would protect the Empire by making it more difficult for the 
Raging Rinos to make evil changes to a powerful document called The State Constitution, a book of Rules that protected The Empire from Raging Rinos and neighboring Vicious Vipers. These groups tormented the otherwise benevolent Trumplandia (recently rescued from an evil force known as Dog Face Pony Soldier, but that's another story). Unfortunately, The State Constitution could be easily changed and therefore easily corrupted by these Rinos. To help them fight the spells of these powerful beasts, the People called on their courageous FC to protect them. The FC had a secret hideout, far from The Senate, known as "The Parking Lot". There they would meet and prepare to do Battle, called "Fili-BLustering" with the King and Queen of The Senate. The King was a Master Fili-BLusterer and a member of a dishonest Clan known as "Ro-Dents", and the Queen belonged to a Not-Very-Bright Guild called "Oh-Laugh-Lins".  The King and the Queen also drew power from evil Warders, referred to as "Demon Crats".

The Fili-BLustering was thus enjoined. It was fought on the The Senate Floor and in its Halls. Blood was drawn, insults were hurled, not even the furniture was safe, but no quarter was given. The King and the Queen attacked the FC repeatedly, even employing their Court Jesters, called "The Media" and threatening to hold hostage the Coin of the Realm, known as "The Budget". The People rose up in anger, the King and Queen trembled in fear, and the FC was victorious. Once again, all was well and good in the Kingdon of Missouri.

But evil still lurked nearby. MEC and her fellow RINOs were plotting to take over The Senate, bring the goblin Lob-E-Yusts to its Halls, and never-ever pass good Laws again in the Kingdom of Missouri....and take their parking spaces....

Will the FC be called on to again do battle? Will MEC be banished from the Kingdom? Will she be exposed as a member of the evil Demon Crats? Will she get their parking spaces? Check back to find out....

- Ledette Bo'Teece, Star Guild Author

What It Is
Why We Need It

We have one of the easiest state constitutions to modify in the entire country!

The Left takes advantage of that constantly.

They can push through their agenda with votes from St. Louis & KC and bypass our elected legislature.

IP Reform is really about RATIFICATION reform. It doesn't change how you create petitions.

It DOES make it harder to pass by giving ALL of Missouri a rural voice. Currently, rural Missouri is left out, overwhelmed by large cities.

SUPPORT SJR74. It will stop the Left from controlling our state.

Senate Committee Substitute for SJR74

How Do We Stop Voting Scams Like Approval Voting & Ranked Choice Voting?

By passing REAL Initiative Petition Reform!

Every year, the conservatives in the state legislature attempt to reform the ease with which our constitution can be altered. 

Every year, Senate & House "Leadership" work to destroy any protection for our state constitution  

This year, the culprits are

Sentate Pro-Tem Caleb Rowden

Majority Floor Leader Cindy O'Laughlin


Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman, assigned to the bill to destroy it


Mary Elizabeth Coleman.

Her ambition knows no limits. She wants to be in the US Congress. She is willing to make any deal to get there.

Currently, she carries on about protecting the unborn. She's the champion in the fight. However, IP Reform could stop the legalization of abortion in Missouri, and Mary Elizabeth Coleman is doing EVERYTHING she can to kill this bill.

Liar, Hypocrite, Ambitious to a Fault. THAT is Mary Elizabeth Coleman.

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