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Educational Reform

The Future of Our Children & Our Country Demands It

Ask people for their hot button issues and sure to be included is the deplorable state of education. Whether we're talking about our ranking against other developed countries or the education nightmare surrounding Covid-19, there seems to be universal acknowledgement our education system is failing our children, and that means a bleak outlook for their futures as well as the future of our country.  The Vernon County Republican Committee has created a sub-committee to study the issue of education reform. This is a broad topic that includes both curriculum and infrastructure. Updates will be made here as research progresses and suggested reforms are developed. It is our intent to share our sub-committee's findings with both the local school board and our state legislature.

Missouri Related Legislation

SB55 (O'Laughlin)

SB296 (Brattin)

HB729 (O'Donnell)

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