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Ranked Choice Voting & The Jungle Primary Are Back!
This is another attempt by the Left to destroy election integrity in Missouri

Be sure to also check the other voting scam on this website: Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting

The Republican Party is opposed to this scam.  Why?

  • It is extremely complicated and requires computers to determine winners & will be impossible to verify!

  • Because of the complexity, it is the perfect vehicle for cheating

  • Fraud is MUCH easier to conceal

  • It supports the election of mediocre candidates

  • Could require new and potentially expensive voting equipment and costly public education campaigns.

  • It makes cheating extremely easy!

It's another attempt by the Left to flip our state. There is a reason the Left is pushing this horrible election system in RED states. It is exactly how Lisa Murkowski in Alaska get re-elected to the Senate even though she wasn't even the GOP candidate! Ranked Choice Voting will destroy our state, and the Left wants it enshrined in our state constitution. Click HERE to read a Heritage Foundation Article on the evils of Ranked Choice Voting.

Here's How It Works to Steal Your Vote & Your Voice

How Do We Stop The Constant Assault

On Our Constitution By The Left?

The Left makes these changes to our Constitution through an option called Initiative Petition (IP). IPs provide ordinary citizens a means of changing our constitution, which is a good thing. The bad part is that currently it only requires a 50%+1 majority to make that change. That number can easily be achieved by the liberals in KC & St. Louis, leaving most of Missouri with no voice.

The solution is IP reform. Senator Carter sponsored HJR28 which would require a 50%+1 popular vote AND a majority of the 163 state House districts, most of which are rural. THAT gives all Missouri an equal voice. Much like the electoral college provides for equal representation & stops California and New York from running our country, this change would put an end to being ruled by St. Louis & KC liberals. If you agree, call your senator and representative today, and tell them you want HJR28 passed this session. (Currently, leadership in both chambers are playing games with this legislation. Your voice can stop that.)

#JP Flyer 2024 v7.png

Normally, when citizens want to make changes to legislation, they go through our elected legislators in Jeff City. However, because we have a Republcan Super Majority, the Left knows their extremist agenda will be blocked. They are therefore using the ability to easily modify our state constitution to bypass the legislature and force their left wing, extremist agenda on Missourians.

Ranked Choice Voting & The Jungle Primary is yet another attempt by the Left to change our voting system from one person equals one vote to a complicated scheme that

(1) requires computers to "count" votes and

(2) favors through a constantly changing definition of "majority" that mediocre candidates who could not otherwise get elected.

Right now, they are gathering signatures in liberal places like St. Louis and Kansas City, hoping to make it on the ballot in 2024.If they succeed, those same places will find lots of "extra" votes to push it through. (Ranked Choice Voting is how Alaska ended up "re-electing" Lisa Murkowski instead of the actual Republican candidate.)

The California Style Jungle Primary

Our example uses small numbers for ease of understanding.

There are 7 Republicans running & 2 Democrats. There are also 20 Republican voters & only 11 Democrat voters. You would think this would mean an easy victory for Republicans, but watch what happens.

1. The premise behind the JP is that all candidates are on one ballot so that you can pick and choose. HOWEVER, if you believe in the values of your party, you might stick with voting for your own party. That means the more candidates your party has, the more the votes are split! As real life examples, Missouri usually has several candidates on primary ballots, running for the same position, whereas Democrats can only find one or two to run. 

2. The candidates with the most votes (not majority over 50%) win. 3. In our example, two candidates will advance to the general election, AND THEY ARE BOTH DEMOCRATS! How did this happen? The Republicans split 20 votes between 7 candidates. The Democrats split only 11 votes between 2 candidates.

#RCV Flyer 2024 v7.png

Ranked Choice Voting - It Gets Worse

Moving on to the General Election, the Left next wants to make sure you can't determine a winner without using computers and an ever changing definition of "majority". Watch how this sham works!

In our example, four candidates have moved on to the general election. We have:

1. A conservative with the most votes, but not over 50%

2. A conservative in second place

3. A moderate in last place

4. A socialist in third place - WATCH HOW THE SOCIALIST WIN!


We have 30 voters, again to keep it easy to follow.

1. RCV starts when no one gets over 50% of the "current majority" vote

    In our example, no one got 16 votes (half of 30 + 1). So....

2. The candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated:

     the moderate in our example

3. Moderate got 5 votes. His voters now get to use their second


    1 2nd ranked vote moves to Conservative 1 (12 total votes now)

    4 2nd ranked votes move to Socialist (10 total votes now)

    No additional votes went to Conservative 2 (still 8 votes total)

              STILL 30 TOTAL VOTES (12+10+8)

    *** No candidate has a majority + 1 yet, so.....

4. Conservative 2 now has the lowest number of votes & is eliminated

5. Conservative 2's 8 voters now get to use their next highest choice

    1 2nd ranked choice goes to Conservative 1 (13 total votes)

       5 2nd ranked choices were for Moderate, but since he was eliminated,

       their choices now move on to choice #3, and that was for Socialist

    5 3rd choice votes go to Socialist (total now = 15)

             TOTAL VOTES ARE NOW 28 (13+15)....wait...what?


Conservative 2 had 8 votes, but only 6 moved to other candidates. What happened to the other two? Those two voters chose not to rank beyond the first two places. As a result, their ballots were "exhausted" after the first two rounds of sham-cycling of votes, so only 6 votes moved.

But wait! The result of those two lost votes also means a new "majority to win"! 30 votes - 2 votes = 28 votes. (28/2) +1 = 15.  It now takes only 15 votes to win, AND LOOK WHO HAS THEM: SOCIALIST!


Notice how the Left didn't care about "majority" in the Jungle Primary, where "the most votes" was good enough,

but in the general it's suddenly unfair to not have a majority?



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