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Voting Scams

Two More Attempts by the LEFT to destroy elections & voter confidence in MO

Be sure to also check the other voting scam on this website: Ranked Choice Voting

Approval Voting

The official position of the Republican Party: It is NOT in the best interests of the voter. WHY?

  • Voting is harder & more confusing

  • Elections are more complicated

  • Fraud is easier to conceal

  • Mistakes are harder to find

  • Could require new and potentially expensive voting equipment and costly public education campaigns.

  • It dilutes your vote by making it possible for candidates to win who are not your top choice!

It's another attempt by the Left to water down your vote. In our state and country, one person one vote is sacred. Keeping this bill out of our constitution depends on IP Reform, and as you will see from that topic in this section, the state legislature can't manage to get it passed, despite having a "super majority" of Republicans in both chambers!

Approval Voting.png
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