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Patriot Defense Fund

The purpose of this fund is to create a grassroots patriot driven source for the financial support needed to defend the rights of Missouri Republicans as we fight to take back our party, our state, and our country. 

Some of the Issues We're Defending

  • Our right to STOP government from ordering us to put candidates on OUR ballot we don't want! (See TRIAL information below)

  • Continued implementation of VETTING at the county, state, and federal level despite Establishment attempts to stop us.

  • County committee & Grassroots Conferences around the state to educate, train, support, and protect our CCs from RINO takeovers

  • The fight to Remove RINOs from our MO Republican Party

  • Creating our own 2024 County Committee Platform if the Establishment GOP fails to act

If these things are important to you, please consider donating whatever amount you feel appropriate to help our team cover the expense of travel, website costs, litigation, etc. We are 100% grassroots driven, and we appreciate your support. - Thank you.

Issue #1: Trial Expenses

Background: County Clerks in Missouri, under the advise of their association, decided to take filing fees from candidates and simultaneously also accept their candidacies without first finding out whether the political party wanted the candidates on our primary ballot. The result was that candidates who wished to bypass our party's rules could do so. This effectively shut the party out of being able to evaluate candidates first and say "No" to anyone the party did not want to associate with. The ability of the party to choose who presents its values is a First Amendment right and critical to being able to reject candidates whose values do not agree with the party's platform.


To Protect our rights in Vernon County, Missouri the Republican party sued the county clerk. The judge agreed the clerk had violated her ministerial duties by cutting the party out of the process, in violation of RSMo115.357, and ordered the clerk to remove contested names from our ballot. That should have ended the controversy because the clerk said under oath she would abide by the Court's ruling. Instead of doing that, she is now fighting the results on behalf of all Missouri clerks!,

She is effectively now using taxpayer money to pursue an agenda. What's worse is the commissioners are allowing this misappropriation of county funds. The problem for the Republican party is that while the clerk dips into the general fund to pay litigation bills of $50,000 or more, the Republican party must fund our expenses privately.  The RINOs pushing this never-ending appealing of results hope we will run out of funds and have to stop defending our rights.


This is a precedent setting case in Missouri and will reach beyond our state's boundaries. Money collected from the Patriot Defense Fund will help support the legal fees and associated trial expenses connected to this case.

Adrienne out of control.png

This suit is, simply, about whether government can ORDER a political party to put candidates on ITs ballot that the party has said we don't want.  This issue just went before the Supreme Court in the Trump v. Colorado case, and it was determined government cannot order a party to keep a candidate off the ballot who the party wants. A corollary of that is that government can't order a party to put a candidate on the ballot who the party does not want.

Adrienne's deposition, and her attempt to make this about vetting vs the overstepping of her duties, on the right.

The county clerk's comments following oral arguments. Note, she is STILL trying to make the trial about the internal policies of the Republican party. The judge had already indicated two weeks earlier that the trial ONLY involved the issue of whether the clerk overstepped her authority in putting candidates on the ballot that the party had rejected. 

In contrast, this is the deposition of the President of REPACCMO, Cyndia Haggard. REPACCMO supports and defends the efforts of the Vernon County Republican Committee (VCRC) who went to court to stop an agenda driven county clerk's efforts to put candidates on the ballot the VCRC had already rejected. If free and fair elections matter, then government at any level can NEVER control who can or cannot be on a party's ballot.

Trials are expensive. This case has now been appealed by the county clerk, with expected expenses to now run $50,000 or more. Any amount you can give is appreciated in the fight to ensure free and fair elections across the state of Missouri. Thank you for your generosity.

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