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Notice to Senator Sander

Senator Sander,

We are fed up with your behavior. If you continue to disregard the Republican party platform, you will be invited to file with another party in the future.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Notes - County Chair Handbook

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6. Committees - vetting, accountability

7. LD, SD, and CD contacts

8. Dennis Rhodes contact info

9. Steps to looking up legislation

10. Overview of GA info - how a bill is created, terms like "laid over", etc

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Beverly (Bev) Beaty

My name is Beverly Beaty and I am asking for your support in electing me to the position of Vernon County Public Administrator. I am the wife of Jackie Beaty and I have been a resident of Vernon County for 30 years. Together my husband and I have raised our four children, Jesse, Jenna, Jon, and Jaynee, while working side by side at our local family business, J Beaty Farm Equipment.


Prior to devoting my time to my family and business, I pursued a degree in Psychology and Special Education. This allowed me to gain employment and experience from several regional agencies, including Heartland Hospital, Nevada Rehabilitation Center, Vantage Point Facility for persons with special needs, and the Judevine Facility for the Autistic. I also worked at the Nevada and Northeast Vernon County school districts as a substitute teacher.


These endeavors gave me an understanding of the needs of which the elderly and handicapped face on a daily basis. My goal is to be the voice for these individuals and to provide assistance to those who do not have the support of family or friends. I am up to the challenge of the public administrator and would greatly appreciate your support in the upcoming election. 

Brett Dawn.png
Public Administrator
Brett Dawn

You can also find more information about Brett by clicking HERE, and clicking "Vernon County" at the top of the page. 

Brett Dawn

I am 35 years old with four children that attend Nevada R-5 school district and have been married to my wife, Brittany, for 16 years.


I served in the Missouri National Guard as a Military Police Officer from 2004-2013 before being medically discharges for a service-related injury. I deployed to Kosovo from 2008-2009, as a team leader with the Liaison Monitoring Team providing services to the local populace.


I attended the Missouri Sheriff’s Association Police Academy in 2011. I worked for the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office from 2014-2016 and was instrumental in starting the K-9 program. In 2016, I started working for the Pittsburg Police Department, KS due to my wife and I both working for the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office. I received advanced training in helping citizens that have intellectual difficulties. I completed my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice through Central Christian College of Kansas. I’m currently attending Liberty University to achieve my Master of Arts in Executive Leadership. 

More info on FB:

1. Explain the workings of the public administrator’s office and why the public administrator’s office is beneficial to the county. 

The public administrator’s office cares for approximately 135 clients. The services offered differ for each individual depending on their situation. The public administrator handles personal and financial affairs for disabled, mentally ill, and elderly individuals that have been appointed by the Vernon County courts. The court can appoint the public administrator as the guardian or conservator of these individuals if there are no family members able or do not want to take the responsibility of these duties. The public administrator is responsible for obtaining physical health needs of these individuals appointed to. It is mandated for the public administrator to meet with their clients while providing a financial report annually on the month the individual was appointed. The state of Missouri mandates, public administrators be surety bonded in accordance of RSMO 473.730 while the amount is set by the Vernon County probate court. The public administrator can also handle estate cases when appointed by the Vernon County court. With the closing of the state hospital that reintegrated several individuals into society, the need for the public administrator is a need. This office benefits Vernon County in many ways. The most important is that the office gives their clients direction and stability without having to wonder who is going to care for them and how.  

2. Do you plan to make any beneficial changes in the operation of the public administrator’s office? Any changes to the office personnel?


There are four changes that I would like to make if I were elected as public administrator. The first thing would be add a checks and balances, making the issuance of checks to have two signatures. This would be beneficial for clients so that there is an added security for where there money is going. It would also be an added security for the office to ensure the money is being spent on what is needed for them. The second change would be to continue advancing the office through technology by converting the files to a digital format. This would allow the office to maximize the space that the office currently has to declutter the office where needed. The third thing that I would like to change would be to send employees to trainings. The trainings I would like to have them attend would be mental awareness trainings or Crisis Intervention Team that is put on by the Nevada Police Department. This would aid employees to better understand the thought process of our clients to better meet the client’s needs. The last change I would like to make would be in personnel. I would not be changing current personnel in the office as both have excellent experience with the clients and completing the work needed in the office. I would like to add a full time or part time employee as per statue the office is allowed a full-time employee per 50 clients which the office is providing services for approximately 135 clients.


3. This position is not the normal 9 to 5 office hours. Therefore, how will you make yourself “available” to your clients especially in after-hours needs?


With this position nothing would change for me. I currently work in a career that we must drop whatever we are doing to aid those in need. I am always available for a phone call or to respond to a location to aid the clients, their workers, or law enforcement. With this position there is no after hours because when I am needed those will be the hours that I would work whether it would be in the middle of the night or middle of the day. I will be dedicated to serve my clients to provide for their needs. My children have grown up with this lifestyle so having to miss an extracurricular activity is part of the job. My children know that I will need to be available at a moment notice at any point.


4. What is the biggest asset you will bring to the position? How will you leverage this to meet your client’s needs?


My biggest asset is quality leadership.  Good leadership is not specific to a single idea, but rather a combination of desired qualities that provide growth to the leader and their followers.  A good leader possesses the ability to learn from others and just use their own influence to lead others.  Additionally, I have the ability of persuasion.  This is crucial when dealing with a client who is in the midst of a crisis.  Joining good leadership with the ability to persuade will help me to maximize the efficiency of the Vernon County Public Administrator’s Office.

neil gist photo.jpg
US House
Neil Gist

You can also find more information about Neil at his website.

1. What is the single biggest failure of the House in the past term, and what would you have done differently, or how would you fix it? 

The willful complacency of Congress to sit idly by while our free market economy is ravaged by unconstitutional and illegal orders coming from governors, mayors, and health departments around the country is one of the greatest failures of Congress in my life. 

By what right does any mayor have to declare your business non-essential, shut you down, fine you, and incarcerate you? When did the American people become so complacent with overt acts of tyranny? Where in the Constitution can any elected or unelected bureaucrat force you to wear a mask or prohibit your right to assemble? 

Congress should have been on the front lines, fulfilling their oaths to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Instead, they collaborated in the destruction of capitalism while Americans were forced into quasi-house arrest. 

Now our federal government knows beyond all doubt that the American people will surrender Constitutional liberties when enough fear is applied. Of course, the lockdowns were purely political, as was demonstrated by the left’s support and participation in violent protests in the midst of the so-called pandemic. With Coronavirus deaths dropping and antibodies rising, the CDC warns that it can no longer even classify COVID-19 as a pandemic; but still the media and leftists continue to promote terror and the strangling of our economy. 

There should have been strong, bipartisan bills condemning these would-be tyrants with severe legal repercussions. At the very least, our representatives should have been loudly condemning these acts from their public platforms while exercising their influence locally throughout their district. With renewed lockdowns and orders being issued, it’s important that they redeem their previous failures by stepping up in opposition. If they do not, now is the time to vote them out. 

2. What has motivated you to challenge Representative Hartzler, specifically? 

I never sought to run against Congresswoman Hartzler, but rather, on behalf of a certain set of principles. These principles are well-articulated in the Missouri GOP platform and include timeless tenets such as: 

1. We believe government governs best when it governs least.

2. The strength of America is in the hearts and homes of its citizens.

3. We encourage efforts to balance the federal budget, to reign in the growth of the federal bureaucracy, to empower the states, and reverse the trend towards socialism. 

Unfortunately, our so-called Republican congressmen and women throughout this country have utterly failed in upholding these tenets. What victories can any of them claim other than the relative impeding of progressivism? Exponentially growing debt, millions of abortions, hundreds of federal agencies, and the erosion of American values cannot be mistaken as a victory. What evidence is there of smaller government, ever, anywhere? 

The term RINO means Republican In Name Only. The more I’ve investigated Mrs. Hartzler’s record, the more her love of big government becomes undeniable. In fact, her advocacy for big-government programs has been used to her personal benefit, having received one million dollars in federal farming subsidies and another half-million in forgivable PPP loans for her family farms and businesses. It is hard to describe this as anything other than nepotism—a conflict of interests, at best. 

I am accountable for the promises I make and I expect the same from the officials we elect to represent us. When I make mistakes, I acknowledge them. Failure is an excellent teacher when we have the humility to recognize our shortcomings. But Republicans in Washington D.C. are no better at this than their liberal counterparts, pointing their fingers and blaming the Democrats for their never-ending list of broken promises. Accusation does not absolve them of accountability, nor does it excuse them from constant defeat—especially considering the recent years when Republicans controlled the house, senate, presidency, and majority governorship. 

When the espoused values of our representatives do not align with their actions, when habitual failure defines their tenure, we must assume our responsibility as citizens and relieve them of duty. 

3. Do you support our withdrawal from the WHO? Explain your position. 

Power should reside exclusively with the people who are subject to its authority. And any authority exercised comes at the expense of liberty. In the case of global organizations like the World Health Organization, complying to laws and guidelines inevitably comes at the expense of our national sovereignty. 

The WHO has lied to us while advancing an agenda that does not align with American values. It should not fall on us to subsidize their existence. The same goes for any other global organizations that are tax-payer funded. President Trump’s defunding and withdrawal from the WHO should be celebrated. 

4. When considering that we in the United States let the carrier of HIV/AIDS just walk into the country and 30 years later let the Covid 19 carriers just walk into the United States, What ideas or plans do you have that could prevent another disaster like these two diseases in the future? 

It is not within the power of any government to keep people totally safe from illness or disease. And even if it was, the amount of totalitarianism necessary to even attempt this would utterly devastate our essential freedoms. The American way of life would be compromised. God’s nature cannot be stopped by government, nor is there any pragmatic or Constitutional basis for attempting such a thing. 

Even a more moderate attempt to mitigate diseases would still require an excessive amount of force and tyranny to uphold. Take the mask-wearing mandate, for example. Do we really want to be fining, arresting, and incarcerating Americans for not complying with overreaching government orders? And if this line of thinking were to be accepted by us, where would it end? Shall we mandate vaccinations in the name of public health and safety? The mechanisms for pursuing this so-called safety would inevitably be used and exploited by politicians with agendas that have little to do with our well being. 

Concerning border crossings: The 5th and 9th amendment protect the right of Americans to travel, as clearly articulated by the Supreme Court in 1958. Only due process may deny them that right. 

5. Would you have supported the $1200 relief checks that were mailed to citizens? Why or Why not? 

The TARP bailout in 2008 was for $700 billion dollars and largely responsible for inspiring the conservative Tea Party Movement. The notion that we should dismiss the irresponsible and devastating consequences of a $6 trillion dollar bailout is not consistent with conservative principles or sound economics. Our government is treating a symptom, as usual. 

When local politicians and bureaucrats move quickly to destroy our prospering economy with unconstitutional lockdowns and “non-essential” business closures, our representatives should have been the first ones to step up and condemn their illegal tyranny. They should have used whatever influence they had to fight back in their districts while pursuing national legislation to lift the lockdowns and punish those officials involved. 

We should be reducing our deficit, balancing our budget, and paying off our debt, not devastating our economy with shutdowns, inflation, and bailouts. 

6. Do you support punishing China, and what actions would you favor? 

As the Chinese Communists infiltrate American institutions, Congress must exercise their
Constitutional right to regulate commerce with foreign nations. Any such institutions that
serve as puppets for CCP propaganda should immediately have all federal funding pulled.
This includes the NBA and most definitely, Hollywood. In the same way that we identify
country-of-origin for certain products, I am in favor of legislation that requires any
businesses owned, controlled, or heavily influenced by the People’s Republic of China to be
fully published and made plainly visible. This will empower Americans to exercise their
freedom to refuse patronizing such establishments.

Regarding COVID-19, we must be quick to distinguish between the Chinese government and
the Chinese people. The people are innocent and forcibly subject to China’s totalitarianism.
What punishments can we inflict upon one without affecting the other? And at what point is
punishment advisable against any sovereign power that is the genesis of a particular disease or
virus? Shall we punish Mexico for H1N1? If we acted on that impulse, we would devastate trade
prospects with America’s third largest trading partner—devastation that would target countless
American businesses and families. What would happen in Mexico would be the same for China.
I do not lightly support foreign punishments that harm our innocent citizens.

America is on the verge of an irreversible cataclysm. Civil unrest persists, financial collapse is
imminent, our history is being perverted, and our culture is collapsing. Our house must be put
back in order, that is paramount. If punishing China comes at the expense of American blood,
treasure, or liberty, if retaliation comes at the unjust expense of American businesses, then we
should first exhaust all measures of peaceful diplomacy available to us.


7. Do you support national Voter ID? Why or why not? 

In general, I’m opposed to governments assigning people numbers and tracking them like cattle. However, I appreciate the need for processes that impede election fraud. Mail-in voting will yield unprecedented corruption, as was proven in New Jersey with 19% of ballots being fraudulent in a special election there. I’m not convinced having a Voter ID can address this or past fraud in this country. However, until we devise a better solution, as long as it does not encroach on people’s Constitutional right to vote, I will support requiring a National Voter ID. 

8. What are your top three goals for the next four years if you are elected? 

Term Limits: I believe we have enough political and public support to finally enact term limits. Career politicians, like my opponent, won’t vote themselves out of office—but incumbents have been losing elections left and right around this country. Now is our chance to institute this essential safeguard against political corruption. 

Budgetary Reform: When I speak of budgetary reform, I’m not talking about trimming a little fat from the edges or merely balancing our budget. I will seek to put into place legislation that requires massive cuts in spending, annually. After a certain point is reached, when our spending deficit is gone, then we should begin paying off our national debt. It will be a long time before this is fully achieved but baked into the legislation should be provisions for abolishing the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Income Tax once our debt has been fully paid off. Before my time in public service expires from term limits, my primary goal would be to see this legislation enacted. 

Defund Marxism: While serious defunding will be required universally across all aspects of the federal government, I initially intend to focus explicitly on institutions that have been perpetuating Marxism, as well as corporations that are beholden to the Chinese government. This includes our universities, the media, Hollywood, big tech, and pro sports. 

Ban Lockdowns: I will work to rebuke nationwide lockdowns and illegal municipal mandates. 

Jack_Bondon 2.png
Mo Senate
Jack Bondon

You can also find more information about Jack at his website.

1. Where do you stand on parents’ freedom to accept or reject any or all childhood vaccines for their children, including any potential vaccine for Covid-19? Support your position with “why” you take the stance you do.


First, as a parent, I will never stand for our government taking away my parental rights with regard to my daughter’s healthcare.  For me and my daughter, for you and your family, we must never allow forced vaccination. Period. 

Second, Our Constitution protects not only the freedom of religion, but also the free exercise thereof.  Any forced vaccinations would violate the free exercise of thousands of Missourian’s sincere religious beliefs and liberties relating to medicine. 

Third, with regard to the Wuhan China Virus, we still don’t have a long-term scientific grasp on the virus itself, let alone have any long-term scientific data on how to combat it with a vaccine. Now, as we all know, viruses mutate over time, so a vaccine that is effective at one time may be totally ineffective against a newer strain of the virus a few months later requiring a new version of the vaccine, similar to the yearly flu vaccine. Next, early indicators on the China Virus show that antibodies that act to prevent future infection (from recovered patients- and similarly from any vaccine) are most likely short-lived, would slowly decline and then leave people vulnerable to re-infection unless consistently re-injected to keep the anti-body levels up.  

Finally, since we do not know and cannot know the long-term effect of the vaccine for many years, we need to be extremely cautious to not rush the development of the vaccine and possibly unknowingly put the people’s health at risk. 

2. Do you support school choice? Why or why not, If you do, what alternatives do you think should be included? How would you handle funding? If you don’t, what needs to be done to improve our education outcomes?


In all matters relating to education, my focus is on the children and the next generation.  Whatever is best for them, I will support.  And, I believe we need to leave all options on the table as we look to improve educational outcomes.  I support the children in local public and charter schools, private schools, home schools, and virtual learners.


Of course I support education choice for each child. Parents should have the right to choose whether it’s in their child’s best interests to attend the local schools, choose to teach in a homeschool setting/curriculum or choose to send their child to a private and/or religious school of their own choosing. Whatever choice is best for them and in line with their beliefs, I will support.


I, myself, attended public schools and then chose to attend a private religious high school and a private religious college. As parents, we have chosen to send our daughter to a religious school where she’s getting ready to start the second grade. Of course parents should make choices.  I support their right to make that choice for their children, and I oppose any effort to take that right away.


Funding of public and charter schools is very complex.  A small portion of their funding comes from the US taxpayers via the federal government.  Some funding comes from the local taxpayers through local property taxes and bond issuances. Still an even larger portion of education money comes from the State’s taxpayers through our State’s general revenue.  For the past 4 years we have budgeted to fully fund our public and charter schools and I believe we must continue to do so. And, we must do better at funding school transportation, especially in rural areas.


I believe we can improve educational outcomes for our students of Missouri.  We should seriously consider reducing administrative costs by encouraging and incentivizing some closely placed, smaller districts to share one superintendent and reduce duplicative administrative positions.  This would keep the independence of each district including keeping their beloved mascots and the enjoyment of cross-town rivalries, preserve the local control of the school board to choose their own leadership and superintendent, keep the smaller rural districts more fiscally responsible, and free up more money to go to the classroom rather than to the administrative offices.  

3. What are your concerns and what potential issues do you see with the recent expansion in Missouri in mail in voting, and what safeguards are there to prevent voter fraud? Does the law allow for a liberal county like St. Louis to administer the law differently from a more conservative one like Vernon County?  Is there anything additional you would have added?


      First, I condemn in the strongest way possible, the democrat’s efforts to use a national health crisis to push for open, no excuse, mail-in balloting across the entire state.  It was wrong. It was opportunistic. Plainly, it was shameless.

      In our fight to stand against their ballot-stuffing efforts, the law has several protections that will keep the integrity of our elections.

      First, the new law only extends for one (1) year.  It was never designed to last forever nor enshrine this reaction to a specific pandemic as our voting laws beyond this year. 

      Second, the new law ensures voter integrity and requires that a mail in ballot have a notary’s seal, just like an absentee ballot, except in cases where someone is exposed to or at severely high risk of contracting the Wuhan China Virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

      Third, the signatures on the envelope of the mail in ballots must match the signature on record with the County Clerk to ensure that the vote was, in fact, cast by the registered voter who requested that mail-in ballot.  The signature matching has been long standing method to ensure election integrity with the process for absentee ballots, as well as voting in person. 


     What I would have liked to have seen added to the bill was the House’s Voter ID language, as well.  The people of this state spoke loudly at the ballot box in favor of Voter ID.  However, the courts have decided that they not only can nullify our legislation, but also ignore the vote of the people.  Placing Voter ID into law, for the second time, over the objection of the courts would have ensured greater election integrity during this and every future election.



100% Pro-Second Amendment and “A” - Rated by The National Rifle Association- Institute for Legislative Action.


-ENDORSED- Missourians For Life- 100% Pro-Life Lifetime Score

-ENDORSED: Missouri Statewide Cattleman’s Association

-ENDORSED: Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry

-ENDORSED: Missouri Fraternal Order of Police- Missouri Statewide

-ENDORSED: Missouri Fraternal Order of Police- Lee’s Summit

-ENDORSED: Missouri Fraternal Order of Police- St. Louis 

-ENDORSED: Missouri Fraternal Order of Police- Kansas City 

-ENDORSED: International Assoc of Firefighters, Greater Kansas City 

-ENSORSED: Farm Bureau of Missouri 

Supported by:  Missouri Soybean Grower’s Association, Missouri Pork Producers Association, and the Missouri State Troopers Association.  


Other information: 

Jack Bondon is a Christian conservative who attends St. Sabina Church in Belton. He is a long-time member of the National Rifle Association and the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Bondon is a supporter of the Cass County Pregnancy Resource Center, Shiloh Center, the CASCO Sheltered Workshop, and the Belton and Raymore-Peculiar Public Education Foundations and the Cass-Midway PTO. He is also a member of the Belton and Raymore Chambers of Commerce and the Belton School District Strategic Planning Committee. Bondon is also a member of the Ducks Unlimited Golden Valley Chapter, the Bates County Farm Bureau, as well as the Cass/Jackson Cattlemen’s Association. 


Jack Bondon has earned a number of awards and recognitions in his 6 years of service including: House Freshman Legislator of the Year,  The “Defender of Liberty Award” by The Missouri Alliance for Freedom, The Missouri Health Policy Leadership Award, Missouri Farm Bureau’s “Friend of Agriculture Award,”  and The Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union. In 2018, Bondon was also recognized for his advocacy on behalf the folks at Missouri’s Sheltered Workshops. 

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