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Secure Missouri
Secure Missouri
Secure Missouri is a grassroots effort, led by Missouri County Chairs and their constituents, along with other conservative groups, to secure the future of our great state. Secure Missouri represents Missourians who are concerned about federal government actions that threaten our freedoms and rights. 
It is our intent to affect changes to our State laws that will ensure voter integrity and protect the rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. We believe in, and promote States' Rights, as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment, and we are opposed to federal overreach. We are resolved to elect strong conservatives at the local, state, and federal levels who pledge to defend the sovereignty of our state against illegal federal mandates, rule by executive fiat, and any actions which violate the Constitution. 
This page will be used to track legislation important to our goals, and to update visitors to the page on the status of our work and our legislators' efforts.  
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Secure Missouri Goals
Lookup for House bills HERE
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​Require Vetting of Candidates BEFORE They Can File as Republicans
Currently, anyone can claim to be a Republican, pay the filing fee, and run under our flag. We think that's wrong. The current dysfunction in Jeff City, and the abhorrent legislation that gets passed, and the good legislation that fails to pass, is proof we have way too many Democrats and Socialists running under our party's banner. That needs to stop. We support the following restructuring of our party.
1. VET Candidates before we allow them to file under our party's banner
2. REQUIRE successfully vetted candidates to sign a pledge to support the party platform AND goals
3. MONITOR their actual votes and the bills they sponsor. Hold them accountable, & if necessary, remind them of their pledge
4. ALLOW them to file with our party for re-election or any other elected office ONLY if they honored their pledge

Election Integrity

​1. Outlaw electronic voting systems. (Dominion, Sequoia, et al.)

 Here is a list of the current counties using Dominion systems in the state of Missouri (as of 2022):

Adair, Butler, Callaway, Carroll, Carter, Gasconade, Grundy, Harrison, Jasper, Lafayette, Livingston, Maries, McDonald, Mercer, Montgomery, Newton, Osage, Pemiscot, Phelps, Pike, Polk, Saline, Warren, Wright

2. Eliminate open primaries. Voters MUST select a party affiliation, or Unaffiliated, when registering to

vote. (Our 2022 election integrity legislation makes identifying party affiliation optional, but our party platform goals include closed primaries.)

3. Prohibit Ranked Choice Voting through IP Reform.


4. Impose severe penalties for destruction of ballots, manipulation of ballot data, or voter fraud.


Legislative Protection & Accountability


1. Change the process by which amendments can be added to our state constitution so that it is much harder to make changes.


Currently, the Left is able to bypass our state legislature and also cherry pick petition signatures from only a few liberal counties. We favor Initiative Petition (IP) reform that requires (1) solicitors to be register voters in Missouri, (2) includes all three ways amendments can occur: legislative joint resolutions, initiative petitions, and constitutional convention, and (3) requires a majority of the popular vote AND a majority of the 163 legislative districts to pass. Requiring both criteria for passage ensures all counties, large and rural, have a voice and stops the Left from controlling our constitution through St. Louis and Kansas City. 

2. Change how judges are appointed to the MO Supreme Court by eliminating the law association panel and instead requiring confirmation by the MO Senate.

Currently, the MO Bar Association chooses three candidates to fill a MO Supreme or Appellate Court seat. The governor is forced to chooses from those three! Since the majority of lawyers tend to be liberal, the picks inevitably are as well. This law would require the governor to choose a candidate of his choice, and the state Senate would hold hearings and vote to confirm (or not), much like the cabinet positions at the federal level.


4. Stop the courts from rewriting ballot summary language adopted by the General Assembly. 


This has been a problem with our liberal courts overstepping their authority. The modification of summary statements or ballot language approved by the General Assembly for Constitutional amendments or statutory measures needs to stop. Courts will not have jurisdiction to rewrite or edit such language prior to placing it on the ballot. Supporters say judges should not modify ballot language as this violates the separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches. Ballot language may be reviewed as to form by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. Courts will retain power to rule on the constitutionality of ballot language, but are restricted only with regard to the remedy of substantially rewriting ballot language that is passed by the legislature.

5. Change the Bond Rule that allows criminals to be released without bail or held as necessary.

6. Elect conservatives who pledge to fight for State's Rights & against federal overreach - including declaring a party at the local level.

Other Issues


​1. Prohibit mandatory vaccinations and mandatory masking

2. Prohibit transgenders in women's sports

3. Prohibit CRT, 1619 project, DEI, and any other form of racist education of our children

4. Provide real school choice where tax money follows the child and DESE does not.




5. Prevent foreign countries and non citizens from owning farming or commercial property in Missouri.

Here is why Secure Missouri is so important. The federal government is working overtime to crush our freedoms and rights. If we don't work to demand states' rights be the law of the land, starting with our own sovernighty in Missouri, then we are doomed to be serfs of the federal government. 

This page is updated as new info becomes available.

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