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The ability to say NO to fake Republicans


It's Happening In Missouri

We are at war to save our party.

That's not an overstatement.

Legislators ignore us.

They kowtow to lobbyist interests.

Fake Republicans have filed under the

Republican banner for decades.

No one in Republican leadership says a word.

No one stops them.




Who Vote with Democrats, Break Their Promises to Voters, & Get Nothing Done that We Elected Them to Do?

By VETTING them and saying "NO" to those

who don't actually support our Party's Platform!

Tell your central committee you want vetting NOW.

REPACCMO and Central Committees,

working together to save our Republican Values.

For more or help for groups outside Missouri, contact

View our vetting manual Table of Contents to see if it might be right for your state.

These are the candidates who have proudly stepped up to show they support our party's values by answering questions on a Values Survey and signing a Republican Candidate Statement.  We are proud of their leadership in our fight to take back our Party, our State, and our Country. Vetting is happening for federal, state, and county elected offices.

State & Federal
State & Federal Positions

US Congress

RA - Eric Burlison - Christian.png
RA - Bob Onder - Randolph.png

Gubernatorial Candidates

RA - Jay Ashcroft - state.png
RA - Bill Eigel - St Charles.png
RA - Chris Wright - Newton.png

Secretary of State

RA - Shane Schoeller - Greene.png
RA - Denny Hoskins - Jackson.png


RA - Vivek Malek - State.png

State Senate

RA - Joey LaSalle - Jackson.png
RA - Jacob Turner Cape Girardeau.png
RA - Hannah Kelly - Wright.png
RA - Joe Nicola - Jackson.png
RA - Derron Black - Jackson.png
RA - John Hewkin - Franklin.png

State Representative

RA - Jeffrey Vernetti - Camden.png
RA - Dave Thomas - Jackson.png
RA - Michael Davis - Cass.png
RA - Matt Sergent - Cass.png
RA-Rafael Madrigal - Franklin.png
RA - Darin Chappell - Christian.png
RA - Bill Irwin - Cass.png
Videos & Podcasts
That Discuss Vetting
Hear From a Few of Our Elected Officials
Who Support Vetting

Will Scharf, Candidate for Attorney General

Senator Bill Eigel, Candidate for Governor

Senator Mike Moon, 29th SD

Senator Rick Brattin, 31st SD

Joe Nicola, Candidate for the 11th SD

Jacob Turner, Candidate for the 27 SD

Interview with REPACCMO Survey Administrator Don Carriker

Begins at the 8 minute, 30 second mark.

County Positions
RA - Tim Kane - Wright.png
RA - Jason Mosher Vernon.png
RA - James Gohagan - Camden.png
RA - Brad Cole - Christian.png
RA - Brad Jackson - Christian.png
RA - Jimmy Brashear - Camden.png
RA - Michael Bonham - Osage.png
RA - Bobby Wilhite - Wright.png
RA - Greg Sellers - Camden.png
RA - Marty McGuire - Camden.png
RA - Randy Allen - Vernon.png
RA - Jeffrey Beauchamp - Camden.png
RA - Brian Butts - Camden.png
RA - Chris Edgar - Camden.png
RA - Brett Dawn - Vernon.png
RA - Chris Wertz - Randolph.png
RA - Travis Cole - Vernon.png
RA - Ryan Johnson - Cass.png
RA - Richard Schuster.png
RA - Kendra Hicks - Camden.png
RA - John Gray - Bates.png
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