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The Impeachment Farce Continues

If there's one thing Democrats are good at, its sticking to talking points. They squawk in unison, "Rigged" or their latest soundbite, "Cover Up". They count on the media, like a pack of mangy dogs drooling over a freshly killed carcass, to happily trash conservatives all while knowingly ignoring the truth. Liberals are well aware their Impeachment Charade was a loser from the start, but they hope staged soundbites, echoed in unison by Dems and Media alike, will sway a largely ignorant and uninterested public. Its a sad state of affairs for this country, and one Republicans and fair minded Democrats must combat if our Republic is to survive. Democrats have weaponized impeachment, and the country will suffer the disastrous results in decades to come. 

Americans now oppose impeachment 50%-47% and Trump’s job approval rating has remained steady.
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From Fox News 1/28/20

21 AGs Tell Senate: Reject Trump's Impeachment

Our Very Own AG Eric Schmitt is among those signing this letter!

The attorneys general from 21 states are urging the Senate to reject the impeachment articles against President Donald Trump.

The comments from the Republican attorneys general came in a letter submitted to the Senate Wednesday morning. The letter was obtained by Fox News.

“If the Senate does not reject the politically-motivated, manufactured theories upon which the impeachment articles are based, the House will be emboldened to base future impeachment efforts upon the same vague, boundless, and destructive theories," the letter said.  READ MORE....

To read the letter, click 

As The Impeachment Trial Begins, Democrats Are Losing Their Minds

Having realized their impeachment gambit is failing, Democrats have resorted to accusing Sen. Mitch McConnell of a coverup and calling the trial 'rigged.'

- The Federalist

Excerpts from the article

"Schiff and the impeachment managers also called on Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer, Pat A. Cipollone, to disclose what he knows about the president’s alleged behavior underlying the two articles of impeachment, saying Cipollone is a “material fact witness,” and that, “The ethical rules generally preclude a lawyer from acting as an advocate at a trial in which he is likely also a necessary witness.”

Funny they should mention that. As my colleague Mollie Hemingway pointed out on Twitter, Schiff is himself a material fact witness to this entire impeachment imbroglio, beginning with his office’s coordination with the whistleblower."

"If their impeachment removal gamble fails, as it inevitably will, they’ll say it only failed because McConnell rigged the trial, or because the president covered up his crimes by instructing key witnesses not to cooperate, or because all Republicans are corrupt. The narrative takeaway will be that Democrats tried to save the country and the Constitution by removing a dangerous criminal from the White House, but were thwarted, and only voters can stop Trump now by throwing him out of office in November. After all, the future of the republic is at stake."

"Impeachment Is Untethering Some People From Reality

"The overdone rhetoric turned out to be contagious, especially for Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol, a formerly serious person who on Monday compared the upcoming Senate impeachment trial to a show trial in an authoritarian state."

"Americans have plenty of reasons to think the Constitution has been trashed, voters have been ignored, and the entire political process exposed as a sham run by our elites for their benefit at the expense of everyone else.

What the American people did about it was elect Trump president. For the political and media establishment, that’s Trump’s real crime, and the one thing that must not be allowed to happen again."

Read The Full Article...

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Texas democrat Al Green, "I'm concerned if we don't impeach this president, he'll get re-elected." 


Now you know why they're trying so hard to overturn an election via impeachment, & why they're afraid of the ballot box & the American People. 

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Impeachment Deeply Unpopular In Key Swing Congressional Districts

DECEMBER 11, 2019 By Tristan Justice

The Democrats’ latest attempt to undo the 2016 election are not going over well with voters in several key congressional swing districts across the country.

Read More....

The GOP’s Four-Point Defense Of Trump Is Devastating

DECEMBER 12, 2019 By David Marcus

Rep. Jim Jordan and other GOP House members presented four specific facts refuting the Democrats arguments for impeachment.

Read More....

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More Impeachment News
Because We're Apparently not Sick of It Just Yet....sigh....
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A Malicious Indictment Mitch Should Toss Out

-By Patrick Buchanan, Real Clear Politics

The articles of impeachment on which the Judiciary Committee and the House voted do not contain a single crime required by the Constitution for impeachment and removal. There is no charge of treason, no charge of bribery or "other high crimes and misdemeanors."

So weak is the case for impeachment that the elite in this city is demanding that the Senate do the work the House failed to do. 

"Nothing says seriousness and sobriety like handing out souvenirs" 

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This Tawdry Impeachment Spectacle Must Run Its Course​

- By Conrad Black, American Greatness

For any reader who has been in a submarine or outer space or Antarctica for the last six months, the charges are abuse of office and contempt of Congress. The first is not a ground for impeachment unless specified as treason, bribery, or another high crime or equivalent misdemeanor—and none such is alleged. As to the second charge, the only thing the president is actually guilty of is

contempt of Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi for running a rigged partisan mudslinging operation where the president received none of the protections accorded to defendants by the Bill of Rights; failure to be contemptuous of it would itself be contemptible.

Top Democrat stuns CNN host when asked if Trump obstructed justice

- By Carlos Garcia, The Blaze

Nadler, who is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, admitted that there as not yet enough evidence to positively conclude that the president obstructed justice, but that his personal opinion was that he had done so.

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Americans now oppose impeachment 50%-47% and Trump’s job approval rating has remained steady.

- Real Clear Politics

For Americans across the country, Democrats’ and the media’s fixation on impeachment has engulfed the news the public has consumed for nearly four months. Democrats have worked tirelessly to convince the public that President Trump committed an impeachable offense. Unfortunately for them, these attempts have proved to be futile. Recent polling has shown a drop in support for impeachment. Where our country was previously evenly divided, Americans now oppose impeachment 50%-47% and Trump’s job approval rating has remained steady.

Americans see beyond spin and media narratives, but ascertaining what has been going on in Washington behind the sea of impeachment headlines can be difficult. A new Media Research Center analysis found that from the time that Democrats’ impeachment push began on Sept. 24,  the evening newscasts on CNN, ABC, and NBC gave the president’s historic economy and trade developments just nine minutes of coverage, combined, out of 1,098 total minutes. Conversely, impeachment efforts and Ukraine received 849 minutes of airtime. That means news on Trump’s economy made up far less than 1% of the coverage.  Read More.... 

The impeachment agenda of Democrats is a political coup
-By Jenna Rives, The Hill 

The impeachment narrative pushed by House Democrats needs to be called exactly what it is, which is a political coup. Contrary to what Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Adam Schiff, and progressive left wingers would have you believe, the United States still does have an objective rule of law, and the Constitution is not merely a guideline subject to interpretation and application at the whim of power grabs.

Regardless of whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, an independent, or anything else, it should concern all of us that the rule of law is being tossed out in favor of an open coup designed to undermine a free and fair election in the United States. Sheer partisan hatred toward an American president by the other party is not and has never been a sufficient legal or constitutional basis for impeachment. The Constitution specifically lays out “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Political leverage or the inability to win elections are not listed.  Read More....

News changes quickly. Below are "older" articles that have been replaced with more current events. However, if you haven't had a chance to catch up, the articles below may be helpful. 

The Real Purpose of the Nadler Impeachment Hearing

The Democrats need pseudo-constitutional camouflage for their hyper-partisan coup

house pimp1.jpg

- David Catron, The American Spectator

Anyone holding out hope that Wednesday’s impeachment hearing by the House Judiciary Committee would consist of thoughtful testimony from impartial constitutional scholars was destined to be disappointed. Four witnesses appeared, three of whom were chosen by Democratic Chairman Jerrold Nadler, who restricted the Republican committee members to a single voice of reason crying in the congressional wilderness. All of Nadler’s choices were vehemently pro-impeachment, including two longtime Democratic donors who contributed to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and a regular columnist for a “news service” owned by Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Even the solitary Republican witness freely admitted he had voted for Hillary Clinton.

That was Jonathan Turley, of the George Washington University Law School. Turley’s presentation, his personal political leanings notwithstanding, counseled against impeachment. His fellow law professors, Harvard’s Noah Feldman, Stanford’s Pamela Karlan, and the University of North Carolina’s Michael Gerhardt, all but shouted that the president must be removed. Never mind that the crimes of which Trump is accused in the impeachment inquiry report released by Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee remain unproven and that he has been denied due process. These academics insist he must go. Indeed, in the regular column he writes for Bloomberg, Professor Feldman warned the Democrats not to get bogged down in pesky legal arguments in their attempt to oust the president:  Read More....

Pamela Karlan’s Long, Biased Record of Anti-Trump Prejudices

Exposing the Democrat "impeachment expert" who worked for Obama’s administration.

- Dov Fischer, American Spectator

On December 27, 2013, it was reported that Pamela Karlan would join the Obama administration. She initially had been a leading Obama preference for the Supreme Court, but her name was not submitted because it was determined that she never would pass Senate confirmation owing to her extreme leftist leanings. Karlan is so left-wing that Obama instead selected Sonia Sotomayor as a less extreme nominee.

Here, in Pamela Karlan, we have a person with so many chips on her shoulders that she is fortunate to

house pimp 2.jpg

have shoulders. Her record, augmented by her own words, presents a deep-seated leftist bias in her politics — so extreme that even Obama would not name her to a judgeship, deeming even Sonia Sotomayor more “moderate.” Karlan, reminiscent of Inspector Javert’s single-minded pursuit of Jean Valjean in LesMisérables, has been going after Donald Trump from day one of his presidency — and even from before. She is on record, even before Mr. Trump became president, as saying about him that “I can’t think of one who had such an across-the-board combination of ignorance, indifference and defiance.” She is on record, even before he began, as questioning whether or not he would last four years in the presidency and mocking his “Trumpian standards.” She publicly released an open letter warning him — again, even before he took office — that she and her ilk “feel a responsibility to challenge you in the court of public opinion, and we hope that those directly aggrieved by your administration will challenge you in the courts of law.”

On the subject of Donald J. Trump and his presidency, the opinion of this “scholar” has no more legitimacy or value than does any other coherent person’s opinion. She may have tried to seem tough, combative, and authoritative when answering Republican questioners during her testimony at the Nadler Show on Wednesday, but her record condemns her as biased beyond words, prejudiced against the democratically elected man whose election by the voters she wants to help the Democrats undo, and thoroughly unsuited to present an objective view of the president.

We have no more use for this witness.  Read the full article....

Dems’ Impeachment Trickery

Five deceptive claims from the House Judiciary tricksters.

Note, this article was written before the House Judiciary sham took place, but its spot on in its prediction of how the day would go. 

"Alexander Hamilton warned in Federalist 65 that impeachment could someday hinge more on “the comparative strength of parties, than by the real demonstrations of guilt or innocence.” What’s happening now is Hamilton’s worst nightmare."


- By Betsy McCaughey, American Spectator

On Wednesday, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) takes over as ringmaster for the ongoing impeachment show. He’s billing his opening act as an inquiry into the “historical and constitutional basis of impeachment” and “the Framers’ intent.” Nadler claims he’ll be looking into what the Constitution’s authors meant by “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Don’t be fooled by Nadler’s scholarly posturing. He isn’t planning a civics lesson. Democrats are hell-bent on impeaching Trump, so Nadler has to rewrite American history and massage the meaning of the Constitution’s impeachment clause to fit the pile of non-evidence Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee has produced.

Count on Nadler to come loaded with a bag of legal tricks.

Trick No. 1:    Read More....

Adam Schiff: Poster Boy for Democrat Sleaze

Even though he had the actual transcript in front of him, "Sack of Schiff" (coined by Judge Janine) chose instead to read his own mafia-like version into official congressional records. Here's what this jerk said. You can listen to it at right to hear the dramatic, mafia don style reading, and then compare it to the actual transcript below. 

Schiff's Vomit:

"And what is the President’s response — well it reads like a classic organized crime shake down. In essence, what the President Trump communicates is this: We’ve been very good to your country. Very good. No other country has done as much as we have. But you know what, I don’t see much reciprocity here. You know what I mean? I hear what you want. I have a favor I want from you though. And I’m going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of dirt, on this and on that. I’m going to put you in touch with people, and not just any people. I’m going to put you in touch with the Attorney General of the United States — my Attorney General, Bill Barr — he’s got the whole weight of American law enforcement behind him. And I’m going to put you in touch with Rudy, you’re going to love him. Trust me. You know what I’m asking, so I’m only going to say this a few more times, in a few more ways. And don’t call me again. I’ll call you when you’ve done what I asked."

Here's The Federalist's take on this sleazy behavior. Read more....

Read the real transcript of the conversation with Ukraine's PM. Click HERE
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