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Well in advance of the next agenda being published, I move to bring up for discussion and vote to pass by the members of the Republican Party City of St. Louis Central Committee members.


This is a draft.  But, I am willing to entertain any suggestions people may have prior to bringing this up for discussion.


The resolution should be pretty self explanatory but please feel free to ask me any questions.


In discussions I have had with other counties, I have interest in this same resolution being adopted by the following counties:


  • Cass County, Missouri              • Clay County, Missouri

  • Franklin County, Missouri          • Howell County, Missouri

  • Jackson County, Missouri         • Johnson County, Missouri

  • Lewis County, Missouri             • Osage County, Missouri

  • Perry County, Missouri              • Phelps County, Missouri

  • Polk County, Missouri                • Scott County, Missouri

  • Saline County, Missouri             • Vernon County, Missouri

  • Wright County, Missouri


There will be additional counties added to this list.


For those of you also unaware, Nick Myers has called the six members of the executive committee for a Zoom meeting, today (July 3, 2024), to make a decision as to which delegates will be allowed to attend the 2024 Republican National Convention instead of all members of the Missouri State Republican Committee.  This would be the equivalent of the Missouri State Republican Committee throwing out the results of our March 2, 2024 caucus in its entirety and only Mary Theresa, Robert, Curtis and Dian would be allowed to decide who attended the Missouri State Republican Convention.


Attached is a MS Word document as well as a PDF for the resolution.  Please feel free to give me suggestions or ask me any questions.  I wish this to pass because we can never tolerate this performance at a state convention ever again and we need to hold those who were at fault accountable.

From Kirk Hilzinger,
Resolution Calling for Nick Myers to Resign

State GOP Contact Info Headquarters

(573) 606-0402

Nick Myers




Miles Ross
Executive Director


Chandler Haynes
Political Coordinator


Trey Faucheux
Data Specialist & Webmaster


Erica Choinka
Communications Coordinator

16 Members of the Executive Committee

Carla Young,

Curtis Jared,

Danette Proctor,

Dennis McDonald,

Jamie Murphy, (secretary)

Jennifer Finch, (treasurer)

Joe Leahy,

Jim Berberich,

Kirk Witzel,

Leann Green, (vice chair)

Nick Myers, (chair)

Penny Henke,

Rene Artman,

Rod Walsh,

Ted Engler,

Tom Salisbury,


June state committee meeting
- Rudeness from Nick Myers.
- Bullying from the "parliamentarian" legal counsel for the GOP.
- Refusal of MRSC to put the 2024 platform & passed amendments back together to fix the fiasco at the state convention caused by Nick Myers.

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