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All You Need to Know About the Caucus

In 2022, the Missouri State Legislature passed significant reforms to our election integrity statutes. One of the items changed was to move from an open primary system to a Party Caucus. That means each party meets at a particular time and location to choose its party's candidate. A caucus is a multi-phase process. Delegates representing winning candidates from the county caucuses then meet at congressional district caucuses where more voting occurs. Ultimately, delegates are chosen from the counties and the congressional districts who attend the state convention and the national convention to cast votes for our presidential preference and our party platform. A caucus is designed to allow the party faithfuls to choose candidates who represent the will of the party's voters.

Answers For the General Public...

When is it?  

March 2, 2024

Time: Starts at 10:00am

- No further admittance after 10:00

- Check with your local county chair to see when doors open. Find chair contact info HERE.

What are the requirements to participate? 

  • Be a Republican

  • Sign a pledge to the Republican Party (required) at caucus check-in

  • Be a registered voter in your county

  • Show a valid picture ID

  • Voting is limited to active presidential candidates registered with the MO GOP

Where is my county's Caucus Being Held?  

Click HERE to find your caucus location.

Helpful Links

SAVE TIME: Pre-Register For the Caucus

You will still need to bring




You must also be a registered voter to pre-register

Help For Central Committees

Other than the bullet list of important dates and reminders, the videos and documents below can also be found on the state GOP website as Click the "2024 Caucus" tab. Our thanks to all those who worked tirelessly to put these documents together.

Our thanks also to Dave Lightner, State Committee Man, for filming the training videos from the KC area session.

For some reason, the pledge still isn't on the GOP website as of 1/28/24.

Important Deadlines

Dates & Deadlines

There are TWO Pages

Bullet List of Important Dates & Reminders


Final Caucus Rules

   -The title says "final", so ignore the

    pages which still say "draft" as of


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